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Family Snow Camping at Luther Pass near South Lake Tahoe

Snow camping in California is easiest in April, and perfect for our first family & Cub Scout snow camping trip. California April days are longer & warmer while snow still covers the high country. Our destination is Grass Lake near Luther Pass and South Lake Tahoe.

Multiple Cub Scout families snowshoed from roadside parking to our sheltered camping area. The one way distance was a little under a mile.

We setup camp with our tents and dug snow trenches for our kitchen. Foldable z packs mattresses gave us a durable barrier between us and the snow.

Warm food tastes so much better when we are tired and cold. Later, we enjoyed s’mores cooked over the fire for desert.

The next morning we dug multiple snow forts that we used for an epic snowball battle.

Interesting snow formations early the next morning. This pool froze in the night and melted in the afternoon.

Time to snowshoe back to our cars. Our first snowcamping family and Cub Scout trip was a success. Cheers.