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Great White Shark Attack in San Francisco

On a clear Sunday autumn morning, I ran along Lands End on the Northwest corner of SF – west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Lands End is a series of cliffs that overlook overlook Marin and the entrance to the Bay.  I paused to watch some fisherman casting for a 50 foot cliff near Mile Rock Beach and the labyrinth.  The fisherman mostly caught snags, but I did watch one pull in a decent sized, prehistoric looking lincod.  There were a number of sea lions and sea birds fishing along the surf at the base of the cliff. 

Then ~50 sea gulls flying toward the middle of the channel caught my eye.  I saw water splashing I assumed it was sea lion frolicking.  The commotion continued, and I made out a large fin, the back of a large fish, and a struggling sea lion.  I finally registered that I was watching a shark attack.  The sea gulls dived in the nearby water to pick up what available morsels.  I only had my iphone, but i was able to take a few Loch Ness monster quality pics.  The best pic captured the distinctive shark fin next to a splashing water that obscured the seal.  

The Great White Shark has made a remarkable California recovery with an estimated CA 4000 sharks.  They are migratory and appear in the Bay Area in autumn to catch seals.   I believe shark I spotted was an adolescent Great White since it tooks about a minute to subdue the sea lion.   The attack was not clean.

It was a thrill to watch the battle unfold.  I had never seen anything like that before.  In life sometimes you’re the shark.  Sometimes you’re the seal.  I was just glad that I watched the spectacle from dry land.