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Weekend Recharge: Mori Point Flowers, Whales, & Fog Trailrun

Montara Mountain from Pacifica Pier

Feeding humpback whales, blooming flowers, and expansive vistas make Mori Point an excellent destination.  After a busy week at work, I usually recharge with a trailrun to clear my mind.  Mori Point, part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, in Pacifica is one of my favorites.  June & July are among my favorite times to visit.  The summer fog supports wildflowers.  Migrating humpbacks follow schools of fish to feed offshore in the summer as well. The park is excellent for trailruns and family hikes.  Here is an account from a recent early morning trailrun from Pacifica Pier to Mori Point cliffs with flowers, migrating whales, and retreating fog.

After the Pacifica Pier and promenade, the trail first passes the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Santa Cruz Mountains on the other side.  Ravens fly in the background.

The climb up Smuggler’s Steps provide an excellent view of the ocean.  This slopes remind me of the hills on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Mori Point is also the location of the finale scene from Harold and Maude where a car drives off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

The trails leading along the coast of the Golden Gate National Recreation area.  Linda Mar Beach and Devils Slide are in the background.

Mori Point in Golden Gate National Recreation Area – GGNRA

From the top of Mori Point hill, I could see whales breaching in the background.  I changed my route and bushwacked down the side of the hill for a closer view of the whales.  This hill also boasts a rock labyrinth.

Like mirrors, the humpback whales are much closer than they appear in my little cameras.  .

Watching the whale watchers from the cliff.