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Visiting Chinese National Parks in Sichuan and Yunnan

I recently returned from an outstanding family trip to Southwest China.  We visited the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan.  Both provinces border Tibet and are traditional crossroads.  Yunnan is further south and borders Burma and Laos.  Sichuan had many important tea trading routes to Southeast Asia.  We visited 1) Jiuzhaighou and Songpan in Northern Sichuan 2) Lijiang and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the Yunnan highlands, and 3) Chengdu, capital of Chengdu and home of the Panda Research Base.  Lijiang and Jiuzhaighou are world class outdoor destinations, but the English information I found were either short synopses in guidebooks or confusing online.  None of the information focused on travelers with six and three year old boys.  Enjoy these upcoming entries about these Chinese outdoor adventures.