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Best Time for Outdoor Adventures: During NFL Playoffs

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Alone on Mt Freel on Super Bowl Weekend

I visited a popular local park with my boys today.  At noon ~75% of visitors disappeared in line with the 12:05 Patriots/Broncos kick-off.  A few years ago, I climbed the tallest peak at Lake Tahoe (Mt Freel) on Super Bowl weekend.  The roads were empty, so we avoided the usual Bay Area/Tahoe ski traffic.

Spending time outdoors is ideal during a major sporting event when folks are glued to their television.  The outdoors are empty.  The roads are car free.  Instead of passively watching professional athletes run around on a field, you get to be an active participant exploring the mountains, coasts, or forests.  You’re shedding pounds calories versus gaining them.

Super Bowl 50 is February 7 in Santa Clara, CA.  Catch the highlights on SportsCenter.  Pack some guacamole in your backpack and enjoy it during a crowd free outdoor adventure.

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