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Best Outdoor Adventure TED Talks

TED talks showcase Ideas Worth Sharing from leading scientists, innovators, and artists.  Outdoor athletes from Tommy Caldwell to Roz Savage have also given the sub 20 minutes talks.  TED talks are one of my frequent companions on a trailrun or at the grocery store.  Here are my favorite outdoor adventure talks:

Tommy Caldwell – What are you up against?  Tommy discusses lessons from escaping terorrists while climbing in Central Asia and climbing the Dawn Wall in Yosemite.


James Cameron – Before Avatar – A curious boy – James discusses how curiosity inspired his entire life


Dame Ellen MacArthur – The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world – Ellen shares her journey leading to sailing around the world and lessons of how things connects.

Roz Savage – Why I’m Rowing Across the Pacific – Roz discusses why she quit her job to row solo across the world’s oceans.

Jen Pharr Davis – Journey on the Appalachian Trail – Jen discusses the nature of adventure and setting an Appalachian Trail fastest known time

Christopher McDougall – Are We Born to Run – Chris shares how running is fundamental to humans and their evolution.


TED Radio Hour takes us “To the Edge”

TED radio hour podcast that features portions of a number of outdoor adventurers.