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Gear Review: Woolx Lightweight Base Camp Hoodie

IMG_0691Versatility is one of the best measures for outdoor gear.  The Woolx Lightweight Base Camp Hoodie is an excellent backcountry and travel shirt.  The merino wool shirt can be used as a base, insulating, or outer layer depending on the conditions.

I’ve tested the Woolx hoody hiking in Colorado Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, ridge running in the Santa Cruz Mountains, family hiking on the Pacific Coast, kayaking in Bay Area lakes, and traveling on transcontinental flights.

j j milgra unnamedThe merino wool is wicking, stays warm when wet, and odor free like many other merino shirts.  However, two things separate Woolx’s merino wool.  Woolx’s merino wool is the softest I’ve tested.  When my wife first touched the hoody, she was surprised that merino could be this comfortable.  Second, the Lightweight Basecamp Hoodie dries much quicker than other merino garments.  The material does not sacrifice sturdiness as I’ve bushwhacked through rough coastal chaparral hillsides without issue.

The Woolx Lightweight Basecamp Hoodie design is simple and effective.  The long sleeves include thumbholes to keep arms and hands warm.  The hood fits snuggly over my head.  The half zipper helps regulate temperature.  The hoody fits true to size.  There are no pockets pair the hoody with shorts with pockets.  The design reminds of the Patagonia R1 hoody with a lighter and more comfortable merino material.

jpk kayak IMG_1607I am a Woolxinaction team member and have received this hoody to test.  I own merino wool garments from at least four other companies, and the Woolx merino wool material is my favorite.  I’m giving the hoody to friends and families for gifts.

The Woolx Lightweight Basecamp Hoodie is ideal for high exertion activities like trailrunning or hiking.  It stays warm when wet while kayaking.  I’ve also used it as insulating layer beneath a shell in cold, rainy weather, and it’s helped keep me warm.  The merino wool shirt is also good for travel.  I like my arms and head covered on long flights.  The hoody design is fashionable, so it looked good traveling as well.

The Woolx Lightweight Basecamp Hoodie is my new favorite layer.  Check it out.