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Art of the 24 Hour Trip & Microadventures

The outdoor industry is recognizing that unfortunately, most folks do not have the free time to take off three months to hike a long distance trail or cycle across a continent.  Responsibilities and real life intrude – especially as folks age.  Several shorter adventure concepts are gaining popularity.

IMG_7252British Adventurer Alastair Humphreys coined the term micro-adventures.  He published a book on the subject, has an extensive blog, and describes the concept in an excellent New York Times Article.   Basically, he advocates “trips that are close to home, affordable, easy to organise, and designed to encourage other people to get out There and Do Stuff.”

The 2015 tagline of Andrew Skurka, the renowned long distance hiker, is short is the new long.  Instead of adventures traversing 1000s and miles and many months, he recommends measured in weeks and 100s of miles.  Andrew is probably more fit than most of us, so he covers more miles.  However, the concept is a good one for a manageable adventure.

IMG_1579Something I’ve been doing for years given the demands of a busy career and an active family life is the art of the 24 hour trip.  Read about the approach here.  Scheduling an adventure on the calendar is critical, so other obligations do not intrude.  I advocate an adventure that includes sleeping outside, setting an objective/climbing a peak, and getting home within a reasonable time.

The lives of most folks are getting busier and more plugged in.  It increases the importance of finding that contrast outside.  Whatever we call it, enjoy your next adventure (or micro adventure, short is the new long journey, or 24 hour trip).

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