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Meru – Best Climbing Film

On the mountain I am a solid class 3/class 4 climber.  At home I am a world class armchair mountaineer.  My bookshelf is filled with mountaineering stories, pioneering tales, and climbing videos.  Early on Saturday morning, I watched Meru on On Demand.  Meru is the best climbing film I’ve seen.  Of course, it features world class climbing and stunning visuals.  The stories, struggles, and obsessions of Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk are unforgettable.  They’re haunting.  Jon Krakauer and Anker’s wife, Jenni Anker-Lowe provide perspective on the 3+ year quest to climb Meru’s Shark Fin.  “The best alpinists are the ones with the worst memory” said Jimmy Chin.  This is one film that is not soon forgotten.


Watch Meru here.