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Thru-Hiking on iTunes


trailshowv1For those looking for a way to connect w/ the outdoors while indoors, check out the  It focuses on long distance hiking, beer, and general frivolity.  Here’s a quick note that the Trail Show read on a recent episode.  Check it out.  Cheers.

Dear Trail Show,

Happy New Year.  I wanted to compliment you on your best episode to date (in my humble opinion), Trailshow #30, the TransADK.

The Astro introduction was powerful, tasteful, and a touching testament to thru-hiking.  The Trans Adirondack segment was articulate, funny, and relevant.  Some guests have challenges describing the majesty of their trails – not so w/ Eric Schlimmer w/ his turn of phrase (e.g., run out of thirst before you run out of beer).

Per usual, I enjoyed the other segments – especially the Trail News, trips from the past month, & outdoor book or movie reviews.  Your banter was mostly on point too in episode 30.

Keep up the good work in 2015.


Justin “Quality” Knowles