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Pacifica Hike: Beaches, Whale Watching, Cliffs, & Taco Bell

Pacifica, CA is a quality destination – especially on a sunny winter day w/

– Significant open space on the coast & 1900’ Montara MountainIMG_4190
– Multi-sport activities like surfing, cycling, running, fishing, & whale watching
– A fast food restaurant with the best view in the US (Taco Bell)
– Easy access for 7M Bay Area residents
– Movie scenes including Chasing Mavericks (Pedro Point houses) & Harold & Maude (where car drove off the cliff in the finale)

Linda Mar beach is part of CA State Beach, next to Rockaway Beach and, adjacent to Mori Point managed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We hiked the area w/ my four year old, one his friends and another Dad.


A seven mile trail connects Linda Mar beach to Sharp Park Beach and the fishing pier.

We built some sandcastles, and took a run for the border. A Taco Bell sits as the only commercial building on the beach.  It sits at the center of Linda Mar beach with ocean front and IMG_4155mountain views. The store, originally built as an A&W, was clearly built before the Coastal Commission regulated development along the Ocean – unless the Coastal Commission was a fan of the gordita.  This Taco Bell has the best view of any Fast Food restaurant in the United States.

Feeling energized after lunch, we walked down the coastal trails. The trail ascends and descends a number of bluffs to multiple beaches. The trail is mostly paved even with a number of switchbacks. For those a little more adventurous, a number of side trails explore the bluffs.

The Bay Area has the best visibility after a rain storm. Since it rained yesterday, we were able to see the Farallon Islands – about 30 miles offshore. The wildlife were spouting gray whales IMG_4180spouting seen from the bluffs.

The California Poppy, the CA state flower was also in bloom. The green hills, yellow flowers, and blue ocean made the hike feel like spring.

Linda Mar beach and Pacifica are a great family friendly hiking destination – w/ many trail connections to link a more rigorous hike. The area is one of my personal favorites but a quick, beautiful getaway.