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Gear Review: Gossamer Gear Mariposa at the Bay Area Ridge Trail

My backpacking style and gear has evolved over the years.

  • While in the Boy Scouts at age 16, I saved for rugged but heavy Gregory Massif.  I used it IMG_3809backpacking in KY, TN, and NC, and trailbuilding a summer in Arkansas
  • On the Appalachian Trail, I carried the Gregory Massif I used since age 16 and gradually shed weight.
  • After the AT, I shed more weight and became a GoLite devotee.  The classic GoLite Jam became my standard pack for backpacking & mountaineering

With the aging of my Jam and the demise of GoLite, I needed a new lightweight alternative.    I  purchased a GossamerGear ( Mariposa after reading online reviews, following the GossamerGear blog, and hearing Gossamer TrailAmbassadors talk about the product.

I packed the Mariposa with gear from my upcoming father/son backpacking trip and hiked a IMG_3765portion of the Bay Area Ridge Trail in my local Santa Cruz Mountains (Purisima Openspace Preserve).

My first thought was why did I not make the switch sooner.  The pack was light and spacious.  The hip belt was luxurious, and the stability was welcome.  It all provided a welcome contrast the the minimal hipbelt of the Jam.  I am now a convert.

Here are a few pictures from my test hike.