Technology Hiker

Looking Backwards: 2018 Technology Hiker Year in Review

2018 was another outstanding year for exploring the outdoors.  Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me.  Highlights include:

Family Adventures

Most of my 2018 adventures involved family.  I went kayak camping in Lake Tahoe for the first time with my oldest – and had an excellent but harrowing time due to the wind. We camped under giant sequoias (with the mosquitoes) in Calaveras State Park. Other family overnight trips included backpacking Angel Island in January, Pinnacles National Park with the Cub Scouts in May, backpacking in Emigrant Wilderness with both boys in June, We took 8 overnight family weekend trips in 2018.

We also spent more time around Lake Tahoe. We now have a home in the woods in South Lake Tahoe and have explored many more trails around there.

Other notable day hikes included

  • Rocky Mountain National Park & YMCA Family Camp – we rode horses, climbed, fished, & hiked in the YMCA Family Camp & Rocky Mountain National Park. We visited there with my parents and sister.
  • Point Reyes hiking safari – with the boys, saw dozens of elk, burrowing owls, leaping coyotes, and many raptors.
  • okanee Salmon Festival Hike in Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe – watched thousands of salmon migrate upstream to spawn
  • Elephant Seal Rookery – Visited 2000+ of giant seals lounging & fighting on the beach – 5th year in a row
  • Sea Stars & Harbor Seals – Fitzgerald Marine Reserve during large negative low tides
  • Migrating Monarch Butterflies – Visited thousands of Monarch Butterflies at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. There were the fewest number of butterflies we’ve seen – not good for the ecosystem.

Most importantly on these trips, I was able to catch up with family, friends, and my boys’ friends in beautiful settings.

Outdoor Volunteering

I am spending more time volunteering with the Cub Scouts. I continue to be a Den Leader for my oldest and organize hiking / camping / backpacking activities for the families. I’ve started volunteered with the local Pacific Skyline Council (covers San Mateo and part of Santa Clara counties) with the camping committee.  

I continue to volunteer & serve on the board of two excellent Non Profits – the San Mateo County Parks Foundation & Trail Center.  I also support their social media sites.  A high proportion of my Bay Area adventures take place in San Mateo County Parks.

Mountaineering / 24 Hour Trips

With time being at a premium, I maximize my adventure while minimizing the time away from home with the 24 hour trip.  Mountaineering trips included:

Argentina Hiking – I visited Argentina & Brazil for the first time. I spent a few days in Bariloche in the Patagonian Lake District. It was a dream come true.

Mexico Izta Climb – I climbed Ixta past 16500 on a day climb in January. It was my highest point since climbing in Ecuador in

Mexico Ajusco Climb – I climbed a 13k peak (just using a car service) on a September trip.

Expanded Pursuits – Packrafting, Fishing, & Trailrunning

The boys and their grandparents caught a leopard shark on a public pier in SF Bay near the Burlingame hotels. .

I expanded my trail running in 2018. I finished my first 17k trailrun race in Huddart on Jan 2, 2018 I enjoy trail running since I can cover the same ground as hiking in much less time.  Trail running is the perfect pursuit for those who enjoy the outdoors with limited time.

Colorado Adventure / Tahoe

We’re spending more time in Lake Tahoe – and realized a lifelong goal by purchasing a home in the woods in South Lake Tahoe.

We spent a week in Colorado with my parents, sisters, and cousins. We stayed at the YMCA family camp in Estes Park. We rode horses, fished, did archery, and hiked in the YMCA camp and Rocky Mountain National Park.

International Worktrips

I feel fortunate to have an interesting & rewarding career.  I’ve had an extremely busy work year with my business unit merging with another.  I was also able to visit outdoor sites during two international worktrips.  I visited Patagonia on a South American Trip and climbed during multiple trips to Mexico.

Ambassadors / Public Speaking on the Outdoors

I’ve shared my positive experiences with multiple outdoor companies in 2017.  I am a Woolx (softest merino wool) team member.  I did more work with Arc’Teryx.  I worked with YakTrax on their outdoor team since I use their traction devices a lot. Thank you to all of these outstanding Mission Driven companies that help individuals enjoy the outdoors.

I gave a presentation on tips for international outdoor adventures to almost 80 people at the Palo Alto Arc’Teryx store. I also presented the best Bay Area wildlife destinations in my son’s 2nd grade class.

Technology Hiker & Family Hiker

I continue to share my passion for the outdoors on my Technolgy Hiker website, instagram, twitter, and facebook page.  I also started the Family Hiker Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites – focused on Family Adventures.

2019 promises to be another excellent year, and I have a number of trips planned.  Hopefully, we’ll continue to find time outside with busy jobs, family responsibilities, and increased sports (soccer) commitment for the boys.  I’m most excited about sharing the outdoors and watching the boys take on new challenges.

Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me.  Thank you again to everyone who has read this and with whom I’ve been able to share my love of the outdoors.  Happy New Year.