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My Exceptional Arc’teryx Customer Service Experience

Nevado de Toluca in 2009

Arc’teryx jackets are known for their exceptional quality.  In 2006 I purchased a black Arc’teryx Theta Hardshell.  This jacket lasted longer than any other shell I’ve had.  The jacket protected me from rain on the Milford Track, hail the Inca Trail, and snow on various Cascade, Meixcan volcano, & Sierra climbs.  After 10+ years, the Theta started to show its age.  The tape covering the inside seams began to separate.  Arc’teryx then surprised me again.  Its customer service matches the craftmanship of its jackets – exceptional.

Inca Trail in 2008

Arc’teryx stores are expanding their public programs.  My local Palo Alto / Stanford store recently sponsored an event where Arc’teryx relaminated its Gore-Tex jackets for free.  I brought my Theta in for treatment and spoke with a Gore-Tex rep about jacket care.  A manager for the local store called me a call a few days later.  After a short discussion, the Stanford store sent my jacket back to Arc’teryx HQ for repair without any additional charges.

Not bad customer service for an 11 year old jacket.  My Theta has seen significant everyday and backcountry use.  Arc’teryx’s customer service and product quality are truly outstanding.

Sequoia National Park in 2017