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Shop Local for the Outdoors

pikes-peak-08co-033 #Optoutside is how individuals should be spending their time.  However, those Christmas stockings do not fill themselves.  While finding the best outdoor gear gifts, please consider shopping at a local outdoor retailer.  Your local outdoor shop, like the Mountain Chalet in Colorado Springs, provides the best retail experience.

Independent outdoor retailers employ knowledgeable employees who share your passion for the outdoors.  These employees can tailor their gear recommendations to your needs.  They also bring the best local knowledge of places to hike, climb, or explore.  Grassroots Outdoors support many of the local outdoor shops.

pikes-peak2-08co-024A few years ago I was considering climbing my first winter Colorado 14er when I visited the Mountain Chalet.  I was living in California, visiting family in Colorado, and was unsure about Colorado winter conditions.  The Mountain Chalet team helped me determine the safest, most direct route to the top and find the best showshoes for the Colorado conditions.  Their encouragement and local beta helped gave me confidence and knowledge to successfully summit Pikes Peak summit in late December.

Shopping at big box retailers and on the internet brings benefits.  Neither can match the consistency, tailored experience, and local knowledge of a local outdoor retailer.  Please visit your independent outdoor retailer or find it at Grassroots Outdoors.