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Gear Review: My Woolx Merino Wool Baselayer System


3b-climb-ixta-2What keeps me warm, dry, and comfortable on my outdoor adventures?  My merino wool baselayer system does the trick.  I prefer wool’s ability to stay warm when wet, its odor fighting ability, and its natural vs petroleum based origin.  Over the last two years, I’ve tested my system in the California High Sierra, Colorado Rockies, Mexican Volcanoes, and England’s Lake District.  I own gear from five merino wool companies, but my favorite is Woolx due to comfort.  Their merino wool is the softest I’ve tried.

My favorite merino pieces are:

IMG_0233Wool Short Sleeve T-Shirt – This is my most used wool garment.  I wear the short sleeve t-shirt on trailruns / hikes in warmer weather and as a baselayer in colder weather.  Since an incident at London Heathrow, I always wear it as my undershirt while traveling.  I misjudged a 20 minute walk from the main terminal to my gate, so I had to hurry.  I was wearing a cotton undershirt that got wet.  The wet shirt contributed to a cold caught on a transatlantic flight.  I now wear the Merino t-shirt as my undershirt and while I’ve had to hurry multiple times, I stay warm, dry, and healthy on flights.  I prefer the Woolx Outback.

IMG_3376Wool Beanie – My second most used garment is this tight fighting hat.  Beanies are light, fit easily in a pocket, and can be worn inside a climbing helmet.  I wear the hats on flights to protect my head from drafts.  I prefer the Woolx Beanie.  The Woolx beanie is also the only hat my 2 year old son likes to wear.

Wool Buff – I reserve this versatile piece for the coldest days.  It is especially useful when sleeping outside in subzero weather.  It keeps my neck warm.  By wearing it over my mouth when sleeping, it helps keep the air in my lungs warm.  I prefer the Woolx Neck Gaiter.

IMG_1917 (1)Wool Hoodie – This is my favorite garment.  I wear it as my outer layer during foggy trailruns or as a midlayer under a hard shell or insulating layer.  Its fashionable styling, hood, and thumb holders make the shirt appropriate for multiple uses.  I prefer the Woolx Base Camp hoodie.

I’m a WoolxinAction team member meaning that I’ve tested many Woolx items free of charge.  However, I’ve put my money where my mouth is.  I’ve purchased many Woolx garments for family and friends because Woolx is soft and performs well.