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Volunteering for the Parks

Volunteering for the parks can take many forms.  With more real life responsibilities (kids, family, job), my volunteering has evolved.

The Trail Center is an all volunteer group that helps builds and maintains trails in the Bay Area.  I continue to support the behind the scenes as a board member (interface with Park, planning), but I now rarely spend a full day on the trail building or maintaining hiking trails.

The San Mateo County Parks Foundation supports programs in 20+ and 17k+ acres of redwood, mountain, coastside, & suburban parks.  I’ve served on their board for many years and am a frequent volunteer.

I also have a consistent, personal outdoor technologyhiker presence on instagram, twitter, and this website.

Leverage is critical in balancing multiple activities, so I combine interests.  Please visit the following social media accounts, follow them, and like them.

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