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Work Trip: Ann Arbor Outdoors

1741463_449735135175030_1699629008_nThree business travel essentials include: 1) my trailrunning shoes, 2) trail clothes and 3) headlamp.   I can explore the outdoors without taking much extra luggage space.

I spent the past week at the University of Michigan Business School’s executive education program in Ann Arbor.  The leadership program was outstanding, and I also explored a bit of Ann Arbor outdoors.

Ann Arbor has many accessible outdoor escapes.  The campus is well lit for morning jogs.  North of campus sits the Huron River with its extensive trail system.  While the attractions are on a different scale than CA or CO, they offer quality
openspace, flexible running distance, and an opportunity to appreciate the hills, forests, rivers, and meadows during different seasons.

Here’s a few pictures from the Huron River, a visit to local farm (Cornman), and a treat for the 12 year old in me – visiting Michigan stadium.


One pleasant surprise was that my North Face Thermoball jacket is flexible enough to throw a football.  My jacket is maize and blue too.

aa IMG_7643

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